New Minneseries Begins This Week

Hey all: It’s October, which can only mean one thing: Apples. No, wait: Leaves. No—it’s time for the start of The Plagiarists’ residency as the hosts of the Minneseries at the Nomad. This fantastic series happens EVERY THURSDAY and guess what else: it’s FREE. Super-FREE. Why aren’t you there right now?

Tonight’s show will feature openers Ghost in the Water (a truly beguiling Fitzgerald side-project that leans towards the electronic) and Dark Dark Dark, who have a great name. The stuff on their MySpace page seems pretty interesting, so I’m looking forward to hearing it in person.

Seriously. It’s Thursday and you know you want the weekend and the good times to start right now, so why sit at home? ER is so 1995. Watch The Office and then join me on the patio at the Nomad.

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