Spoon Set Last Night

Spoon did a bang up, if not spectacular job last night at First Avenue. Much like the last time I saw them (2003 at Irving Plaza in New York), I was struck by just how good their albums are, and how great their reliance on spacing, gaps, the way things drop in and out, and all kinds of other recording decisions that don’t necessarily translate to the concert experience. But I’ll save most of that for a Warp + Weft somewhere down the line. Here’s their setlist, plus what was particularly cool about it:


Minor Tough
Fitted Shirt
Anything You Want
Small Stakes
The Way We Don’t Go
Stay Don’t Go
Vittorio E
The Beast and Dragon Adored
The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine
My Mathematical Mind
I Summon You
I Turn My Camera On
Don’t Make Me A Target
The Ghost of You Lingers
You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
The Underdog

First of all, I missed jotting down their last two songs because I got sucked into a conversation, and I had to split before the encore, but here’s what’s the jam about that set.

Not only did they play the songs in chunks from their albums, not only did they play them from the albums in the order they were released, but with one exception (”I Turn My Camera On”), they played them in the order they appeared on those albums. That’s pretty awesome, I think. The first two songs are tracks one and two on Series of Sneaks, songs three and four are tracks five and six from Girls Can Tell, songs five through eight are tracks one, two, four, and twelve from Kill the Moonlights, etc. “I Turn My Camera On” was played at the end of the Gimme Fiction section, but who could blame them?

I’ll be interested to see if they do the same thing tonight.

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