Follow The (low) Light


One of these days I might stop writing about Ryan Adams constantly. But it will probably be a day where I am an old, white-haired spitfire whose years of typing will have given her mad arthritis.

The release of his EP Follow The Light came out today, with a couple nice tracks on there – like the calm, swooning “My Love For You is Real,” and some live in-studio versions of previously recorded tracks like “Blue Hotel” and “Dear John.” I can’t forget to mention the covers, there’s one on there of that Strokes cover – This is It. I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t hear this again for quite a while. However, there is , seriously – of Alice in Chains’ “Down In a Hole”, complete with Jon Graboff’s pedal steel. This one, my friends – is incredibly enjoyable.

Try this one on for size, would ya?

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