reveille (rev’ • uh • lee). n.

[ad. F. réveillez, imper. pl. of réveiller to awaken.] a. A morning signal given to soldiers, usually by beat of drum or by bugle, to waken them and notify them that it is time to rise. b. A signal to arise.

We didn’t ask for this. We thought the pages of the glossies, the daily papers, and the alt weeklies were broad enough to allow us to write openly and passionately about the only thing that’s ever meant enough to keep us going. But those pages couldn’t hold us, so here we are. We are former editors, former columnists, former freelancers, and we have come to write without worry.

When mainstream media can’t afford to cover the depth of music on offer in the Twin Cities and beyond, we’re here to go deeper. When the internet seems like nothing but a glut of news tidbits and buzz, we’re here to actually write about music. Original, insightful, informative, inspiring: This is what we seek to be.

We are here for our readers: the casual fans, the music lovers, the freaks, the audiophiles, the hipsters, the scenesters, the quiet ones in the corner of the bar who sway softly to the music. We are here, and we are here to stay.

Welcome to a new generation of Twin Cities music writing. Welcome to Reveille Magazine.


Steve McPherson started writing about music when he decided he didn’t want to sell anything, or buy anything, or process anything for a career. He also didn’t want to buy anything sold or processed, or sell anything bought or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed. Since that time he’s written for HowWasTheShow.com , Pulse of the Twin Cities (where he served as the paper’s last music editor from 2005 through 2007), City Pages, and Skyscraper Magazine. He’s also co-editor of TheBottleGang.com and runs his own music blog, SignalEatsNoise.com

Kyle Matteson is a local music blogger and webmaster extraordinaire. In addition to his invaluable music news updates on More Cowbell , Kyle oversees Us Kids Know (an Arcade Fire fansite) , Via Chicago (a Wilco fansite), and is active on what seems like nearly every music-related message board on the net.

Rob van Alstyne is the world’s tallest music critic. He got his start early, covering the red hot Albany music scene for his high school paper, and then graduating to work at Macalester’s Mac Weekly. His music writing has appeared in Pulse of the Twin Cities (where he served as music editor from 2003 through 2005), METRO Magazine, and Devil in the Woods.

Jim Walsh is a longtime Minneapolis music writer and appreciator. Jim has written for almost every publication in town, most notably the Pioneer Press, the Star Tribune, and City Pages, and is completing his first book, an oral history of the Replacements. After 20 years of writing, Jim recently returned to songwriting, performing around town under his pseudonym, the Mad Ripple, and hosting Hootenannies out of coffeeshop basements and backyards.


Andrea Swensson is a writer and local music lover. Andrea currently runs the Local Current blog at Minnesota Public Radio. In addition to her work at Reveille,  Andrea was previously the music editor at City Pages,  a contributor and editor for HowWasTheShow.com, and has freelanced for various music publications. She has written for Vita.MN, Pulse of the Twin Cities, Rift Magazine, City Pages, and Alarm Press.

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